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We understand that every business is unique, and our approach reflects that. We begin by delving deep into your brand, industry, and target audience to unearth invaluable insights. Armed with this knowledge, we then devise a comprehensive, data-driven marketing blueprint that will propel your business forward.

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Explore Marketing Strategy & Plan

What is Marketing Strategy?

A marketing strategy is a long-term direction for achieving a company’s goals by understanding the needs of customers and creating a distinct and sustainable competitive advantage. It encompasses everything from determining who your customers are to deciding what channels you use to reach those customers. The Marketing strategy will be more on telling story of WHAT busniness needs, WHERE we should target to WHY do we aim to that target.

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Marketing plan

How it's different with Marketing Plan?

While marketing plan is the detailed actions to present HOW we can achieve the WHAT and WHERE  that are identified in the Marketing strategy. Having a marketing plan can help you to: segment your target markets/ customers, and how your product or service can benefit them; Identify how you might attract new customers and retain existing customers…

At GKOF, we can provide you with both services Marketing Strategy and Plan
for both new and existing brand/products/portfolio

Do we need both Marketing Strategy & Plan?

In small businesses, normally these are combined or mixed, but we recommend having it separately and should be aligned, and executed properly:

1. Marketing strategy

1. Marketing strategy

Need to address business objectives in mid-longterm, must be aligned by the Board of Directors and Function heads.

2. Marketing plan

2. Marketing plan

Should reflect the action plan for achieving short-mid term objectives with specific KPIs: number of new consumers/customers/leads, customer retention ratio, and conversion rate .. via specific marketing channels/programs.

When businesses need a Marketing Strategy consultant?

Here are the most common reasons businesses look for outside marketing strategy consultant

Want to level up but don't have time and resource ready internally


Loosing competitiveness and need a strong and efficient plan


Need more new ideas from outside proffesionals - non-bias brains for winning


Working with a marketing strategy professional is good and fast way to transfer know & know-how of new technique (i.e new marketing model, digital methodologies...) to self-develop internal team

Marketing Strategy for new product/service/solution launch

A new product /service/solution launch is an important process and requires lots of effort and collaboration of departments. GKOF is providing Phase 4 – Marketing strategy (Go to market plan) & Phase 7 – Launch & Commercialization (Digital marketing services)

Marketing strategy

There will be differences between Marketing strategy for B2B and B2C, below is standard steps for both but methodologies and deliverables could be different

Here are the steps we will do for development of Marketing strategy, some steps can be skipped if not necessary or handled internally or by other partners:

1. Research & analysis:
  • Internal research: interviews with customer’s leadership and related stakeholders to understand the business context, challenges, and expectations…
  • Market research to get insights into market, competitor, needs, and market acquirement potentials…
2. Marketing Strategy development:
  • Market assessment
  • Brand positioning/value proposition development
  • Brand name creation
  • Brand identity designs
  • Go to market plan

Launch & commercialization

This phase required efforts of all departments, GKOF will provide:

  • Digital Marketing services on launching period
  • Monitor and evaluate performance pre and post launching: via brand health tracking, customer behavior/persona analysis, social listening

Connect GKOF to find out if we are potential efficient partners! A free 60 mins consulting is offered in the first meeting.

Is GKOF able to provide both B2C & B2B Marketing Strategy/Plan?

GKOF leadership has experience in both B2C & B2B industries, particularly in FMCG & Technology, and will be able to provide marketing strategy consultation and digital marketing services to customers.

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