We normally get requests, challenges from our customers and business network on how to build a strong brand, reach and engage more customers, convert leads to customers, turn the current marketing capability from traditional to digital approaches, develop a short-term/long-term marketing strategy,… and many more concerns that most businesses are facing.

We listen & resolve customer’s needs & challenges

We can provide solutions and drive business outcomes for your business

Request: We are startup, need to have trusted agency with affordable offerings to promote our brand/products/solutions

Solution: GKOF has special sympathy with startups, well understanding their challenges, wish to help them growing from the first days so GKOF offers affordable services to boost their talents, particular those in technology verticals.

Request: Our brand needs a new look and feel to refresh and be amplified better to customers

Solution: Brand building is storytelling at its finest. We focus on what matters most to your customers to drive growth, and crystalize your messaging to distinguish you from your competitive set. We use visual expression to strategically signal organizational advancement, engage new audiences and revitalize old ones.

Request: Our brand/product has been established, our business needs a new position to move up to higher level and drives more revenue

Solution: GKOF will start with a fact-based understanding of how your brand performs today, stands for what, gather your business expectations, customer needs and imagine how it should be positioned in the future. Then we translate that understanding into an experience and expression of your brand that will drive preference, loyalty and growth.

Request: We are developing new product/solution, need to build a brand with appealing name, identity and go-to-market plan to be successfully launched to the target market, blending well with our current portfolio

Solution: Innovation is one of important milestone of a brand life cycle, not only to customers but also to the entire ecosystem of organizations. The ideas for new variant, new brand/product/solution has been nurtured and developed to form up with physical value. GKOF are professional in helping brand name, brand identify, launching plan development for global products/solutions, core steps are understanding and selecting what customers most wanted from our generated brand, designs as well as identifying best blending of What, Who, Where, When and How to launch products/solutions successfully.

Request: We need to have new customers, identify unmet needs and whitespaces for our business expansion strategy

Solution: This is what most businesses are looking for, expanding business needs efforts and professional process: Well understanding customer personas, their buying journey and their behaviors , market segmentation researches to define the potentials then apply technologies and digital services, all these services can be well delivered dedicatedly by GKOF members.

Request: We need more data-driven insights to make a more productive decisions

Solution: GKOF are data-driven professionals, often apply fact-based methodologies and advanced technologies (traditional researches, online survey, social media listening tools) to get precise insights and efficient results.

Choosing a trusted marketing partner could be an important decision

GKOF team is here to listen and support your team with our dedication, responsiveness and greatest efforts. Let’s meet us first then you decide!

We accompany you on the road of brand and lead  generation. Therefore, you can focus on your core business, expanding your coverage and increase competitiveness in the market.

What make us different?

Senior & professional leaders

We have more than 20-year track records, well trained by international institutions, curriculums, and solid experiences from global top-notch brands particularly in traditional and digital marketing methodologies for B2C and B2B

Our senior team stays on the leading edge of technologies, data-driven insights, result-oriented being able to support Vietnamese and English speaking markets.