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Branding is one of the most important growing factors of the business. Brand strategy consulting is something that you should definitely look into if you are unsure of how to build or strengthen your brand.

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Why businesses should invest on brand building?

Having a strong brand would bring many benefits to businesses.

Below are some popular ones most businesses receive after investing on Brand building:


Attract more customers


Easier to close sales


Able to charge higher price


Higher ROI on marketing efforts


Increase company’s reputation 


Improve employee retention

How does GKOF help business in building their strong brand?

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As a brand strategy consultant, GKOF will conduct a thorough analysis of how your brand is performing and recommend strategies to deliver long-term business objectives.

Brand consulting comes up with strategies that unify efforts both from the corporate management side and the marketing side.

Once strategies got approval, GKOF also able to provide digital marketing service to turn plans into activities that drive business results particularly building brand awareness and recruiting new customers or new leads.

Our Brand Consulting Services

Brand Development

Brand Development

 A range of strategic and creative development services aims to build and enhance brand assets for a stronger reputation that helps businesses grow sustainably.

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Brand Assessment

Brand Assessment

Conducts a multi-lens survey to gain insights into how your brand stays in the mind and heart of customers and stakeholders, and input values for brand development.

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Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Unsure of your marketing strategy, GKOF will build the marketing strategy and marketing plan, implement and measure the efficiency to deliver your business objectives.

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Why partner

Why you should partner with us?

With more than 20-year track records, well trained by international institutions, curriculums and solid experiences from global top notch brands. Our senior team stays on the leading edge of technologies, data-driven insights and creativities, able to support Vietnamese and English speaking, B2C & B2B customers, assure to provide the services with high commitment and responsibilities.

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