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Efficient Channels For Finding Real Estate Leads

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Vietnam’s real estate market has had many significant changes in recent years, with many periods of boom and freeze, but the general trend is still increasing due to the increasing demand for moving into big cities and the need for investment spreads throughout the country. That’s the trigger for highly growing Real Estate businesses, which means high customer hunting demand also.

So how can Supply meet Demand in the most effective way? The answer that every business and real estate salesperson knows is through Digital channels, social networks, event promotion, etc.

But in the context of housing, people sell together, and approach the same group of customers (both people with “Real” and “Unreal” needs), how can businesses reach the right people with real buying needs? lowest cost?Below are some common methods that real estate businesses can use:

  • Website & landing page: Build a professional and attractive website to introduce real estate projects, and provide detailed information about apartments, townhouses, land, new projects, and environmental services gender. Create optimal landing pages to convert visits into contact opportunities (with live chat, hotline, contact form…)
  • Advertising on social networks: Use social networking platforms such as Facebook, Tiktok, Zalo, Youtube to run advertising campaigns targeting potential customers based on age, gender, and geographical location. reasons and interests
  • Advertising on search engines: Use search engines such as Google Ads, FB Ads, Youtube Ads… to display ads when users search for keywords related to real estate
  • Email marketing: Send marketing emails to existing or potential customer lists, providing information about new projects, special offers, and news about the real estate market.
  • Event and exhibition organization: Participate and organize real estate events and exhibitions to display products, create opportunities to meet and interact with potential customers, and build relationships in the industry .
  • Content marketing: Create valuable content such as blog posts, how-to videos, infographics on market trends, real estate buying and selling guides, and articles about potential areas.
  • Recruit and cooperate with real estate brokers: Build a professional real estate brokerage team and cooperate with reputable brokerage partners to expand the network and increase transaction opportunities.

The above channels are common ways that real estate businesses often use to find and attract potential customers. However, each business may need to combine and adjust its strategy based on its business goals, budget and target audience characteristics.

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